By: Anjali Harvie

Selling your Home in the Winter

Tags: Selling your Home in the Winter

The spring and summer real estate markets are always talked about as the busy and best time
to sell, but that is not always the case. Each season brings different buyers and different
situations that make it favourable to list your home. 
Although tempting to wait until the spring, there are many advantages to not delay in listing
your home.

Here are the top 5 advantages to listing your home NOW:

1. Buyers are Serious!
Buyers looking for homes in the winter are usually far more serious and many times looking to
make the move more quickly. They are likely pre-approved and looking to move for a variety of
specific reasons rather than "just looking" which can commonly happen in the spring and
summer months.
Those looking to re-locate with school-aged children generally do so during the summer months
to avoid school disruptions. Many times buyers this time of year can be moving due to job
relocation, changing life circumstances, or vacation time for the move. 

2. Less Competition
The real estate industry has been experiencing low inventory across the board, in the spring
and summer months the inventory peaks and with many new listings coming on the market at
the same time it is easy for some listings to get lost. With fewer houses on the market and
qualified, serious buyers looking to re-locate, this can make for a great time to list your house
for sale!
Depending on the amount of interest that develops in your home, you could even have a
multiple offer scenario. 

3. Showcase your Home's Winter Readiness
Selling your home in the winter will allow for the opportunity to showcase your home's features
making it winter ready. Having your driveway, walkways and decks cleared can show off some
of your home's great features and show how nice and inviting it can look even the harsh
elements. Features such as hot tubs, fire places and decorative lighting can be even more
appealing in the winter months.
4. Year-end Holiday Bonuses 
The end of the year can mean many things, for some buyers it can mean financial bonuses or
large payouts for retiring workers. These bonuses could mean opportunities for buyers to
upgrade their living arrangements, first-time buyers to have enough for a downpayment, or
retiring individuals ready to downsize. 
As a seller, this could mean that those serious buyers have more money to spend on a home,
making it another great reason to list at the end or start to the year. 

5. Likely to get a Better Offer
Even when your house is priced correctly, there are usually back and forth negotiations which is
completely normal.  With less choices for buyers, if they really like your home and it is priced
right, they will make a better offer to make sure they get it. 
Features that are sought after include homes in a central location, single-family starter homes,
open concept main floor, marketing with professional photos and video, and consistent
maintenance upkeep. Being prepared and getting your house ready for the market can make all
the difference on getting the best price for your home. 
Although there is no guarantee your home will sell for a specific price, pricing your home at the
correct market value is primary to getting the right buyers interested. Depending on size,
condition and unique features of your home, while looking at comparative recent sales in the
area I can give you an idea of what your home is worth. 
Get in touch with me today to find out what your home is worth!